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USB Hair Clipper Machine hair cutting mower barber Trimmer Beard Trimmer for men Hair cutter haircut Styling tool

FAQ1. About product version differences

The difference between the product versions is mainly the charging method, 1. Another product design is a non-removable battery, which directly charges the product using a USB charging cable. 2. One product design is to use a detachable rechargeable battery and use an adapter to charge the rechargeable battery;

FAQ2. About the packaging and accessories of different products

Because of different product characteristics and customer needs, our products are equipped with different packaging boxes and accessories. All product packaging and accessories are displayed in the product SKU, please pay attention to your choice when placing an order. E.g: 1). Flannel bag packaging without box 2). Neutral packaging with box;

The packaging and accessories are displayed in the SKU of the product, please pay attention to your choice when ordering.

Item 1: Product Features of USB Version

1). Bronze-USB; 2). Brass-USB; 3). Black-USB; 4). Gold-LCD; 5). Silver-LCD; 6). Thread Blue-USB; 7). Thread Gold-USB; 8). Skull-USB; Note: In order to create the greatest value for our respected customers, our products are divided into without boxes and with boxes. The price without box is affordable.

The main accessories of each item are as follows:

Five core designs allow you to use it with confidence.

Core Design 1: Innovative frequency conversion motor,20000 rpm, powerful power, fast hair cutting, save a lot of hair cutting time.

The high-efficiency motor can create a variety of hairstyles easily and quickly. Feel free to change your hairstyle and enjoy a happy life.

Core Design 2: 1200mah large-capacity lithium battery, can be used for nearly one month after charging for 1.5 hours.

Note: The above data is calculated based on household use. The specific usage time is based on the following reasons: 1. Frequency of use; 2. The time of each use; 3. The effect of hair quality; Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all people can meet the above data standards.

Core Design 3: Smart USB charging control chip, direct charging, avoid the trouble of using battery.

The LCD-type hair clipper can intelligently display the product power. The operation is more convenient and easier to use.

Note: We use 2 digits to calculate power, so the maximum power of the product is 99. this is normal. Please rest assured to use.

Core Design 4: The high-strength titanium alloy cutter head has higher mechanical strength and longer service life.

Core Design 5: The unique industrial design and excellent laser engraving process create an extraordinary visual impact.

Item 2: Product Features of Rechargeable Battery Version

1).Dragon-Battery 2).Buddha-Battery; 3). Silver-Battery; 4). Black-Baatery; Note: In order to create the greatest value for our respected customers, our products are divided into without boxes and with boxes. The price without box is affordable.

The main accessories of each item are as follows:

Same function as USB type. It's just a different design in the charging method. Let our customers have more personalized choices.

Efficiently create your favorite hairstyle, every detail is poured into the comfort of life brought by technology.

Cut the hair at a distance of 0 to fit the skin seamlessly, so that you can better sculpt the hair, thereby creating different styles of hair and increasing the visual impact.

The titanium alloy cutter head has high mechanical hardness and mechanical strength, thereby greatly improving the service life of the hair clipper.

Rechargeable high-quality 18500 lithium battery. The endurance is high, which can effectively improve the use time of the product.

Customer Reviews

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Bessie Hayes
Color: STD Version

Got this to help line up my beard woth a beard shaped o also purchased and it got the job done a lot easier and faster. I'll be testing it on my faded this weekend.

Rudy Watsica
Color: STD Version

I like how easy it cuts hair. It's very sharp and I got cut a few times. The safest way to use is sideways, that way, you won't get cut.

Maudie Beier
Color: STD Version

I was a little skeptical at first because of the price. All I can say is WOW.. This thing feels solid and well built. I clipped my hair with it and it was a very smooth cut. Clippers feel great in hand and was quite. I am above happy with initial use... Great product and better yet arrived 2 days early...

Verner Denesik
Color: STD Version

The quality has greatly exceeded my expectations! This thing feels very firm in my hand. It may be related to the material of the hair clipper. It is easy to cut my hair. Four different limit combs can cut the length I want. After a full charge, the usage time is also very long, it is a very satisfactory shopping for me, I will recommend it to my friends, very good

Chaz Moen
Color: STD Version

good quality product. Delivered on time, very nice packaging. The colour quality of the hair clipper is good. This clipper actually is very good make and feels quite strong. It's comes with a range if clip sizes. The battery life is very good. So all in all this is the best. Value for money. Very happy with this parchase.

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