Memory Foam Seat Cushion Orthopedic Pillow Coccyx Office Chair Cushion Support Waist Back Cushion Car Seat Hip massage Pad Sets

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2pcs Standard Blue
2pcs Standard Gray
2pcs Standard Pink
2pcs Standard Blue 1
2pcs upgrade Blue
2pcs upgrade Pink
2pcs upgrade Gray
2pcs upgrade Blue 1
2pcs Advanced Blue
2pcs Advanced Gray
2pcs Advanced Pink
2pcs Advanced Blue 1
Standard Blue
Standard Gray
Advanced Blue
Advanced Gray
upgrade Blue
upgrade Gray
Advanced Blue 1
Advanced Gray 1
Standard Blue 1
Standard Gray 1
upgrade Blue 1
upgrade Gray 1
Specification *

About smell

During the production to delivery process, the product is in a sealed state and the smell cannot be dispersed in time.Pillow products are separated from pillowcases, and can be ventilated in a cool place for 2-3 days. Some friends more sensitive, it is recommended to extend Ventilated.

About Chromatism

All products in this shop are taken in kind, due to the difference in sunlight, angle, and Monitor.There may be a certain color difference between the picture and the product, and the actual color shall prevail.

About bubbles

The product is a mould process. If a small hole or air bubble in the inner core is a normal phenomenon, it is not a product quality problem and it can be used with confidence.

About style

Standard style: memory foam core style.
Upgraded style: bamboo charcoal memory foam core style.
Advanced  style: magnetic cloth lined with memory foam core style.
The inner core can not be washed and can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Pillowcases can be washed.

Manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-3cm, which is normal.

Bamboo charcoal has a loose and porous structure, and its molecules are fine and porous, and the texture is hard. Has a strong adsorption capacity, can purify the air and eliminate odor. Contact with the human body can absorb moisture and perspiration. After scientific refining and processing, it has been widely used in daily life.
Magnetic properties are the properties of matter, and the human body also has a certain magnetic property. It has been confirmed by scientific experiments that the use of magnetic substances and biomagnetic effects inside the human body can adjust various unbalanced or abnormal functional states in the human body to improve human health. Play a protective effect.123456789101112H50e2c68fbd6042e68ec3663a8403f8790 拷贝副本1415

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Otto Predovic
Color: upgrade Gray

The pillow is good, but I will say that soft or hard-medium, the back is comfortable and this is the main thing. Very convenient that with the belt goes.

Darrell McDermott
Color: 2pcs upgrade Gray

Cool pillows. I took upgrade memory foam. Covers are removed, the fabric is pleasant and dense. The material in the Nutri is very elastic. In general, I'm happy. Took for 2500. The seller is good, answered all messages.

Susanna Heathcote
Color: 2pcs upgrade Gray

Paid 22.02.20. Sent 29.20.20. Received the order on 18.03.20. The seller is sociable. Despite the fact that at that time few people worked, the messages answered immediately. The order came packed in factory package + top postal package. Nothing's been damaged. On use for 2 days, I can say the following: I thought that the lower cushion would be a little thicker or denser. I have a small bony priest and the lower pillow is sold to her almost to the end. In addition, it feels like my butt is trying to fall into a hole in the middle. For her, the hole is a bit too big. The back felt at first seemed too big, but quickly used. Otherwise, everything is gorgeous. At first I thought that because of the strong selling, after a few hours of sitting will hurt the ass, but it was not so. Nothing hurts. Everything is very comfortable and comfortable. Put a gift earplugs + mask on the eyes. Thank you to the seller. I am happy with the purchase. I recommend.

Rafaela Jaskolski
Color: upgrade Blue

Good Product

Roderick Towne
Color: 2pcs Advanced Gray

Everything came, everything is perfectly packed, everything that ordered

Memory Foam Seat Cushion Orthopedic Pillow Coccyx Office Chair Cushion Support Waist Back Cushion Car Seat Hip massage Pad Sets
2pcs Standard Blue / See below for size descriptions - $83.12
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