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Car Scratch Repair Tool Cloth Nano Material Surface Rags For Automobile Light Paint Scratches Remover Scuffs For Car Accessories

  • Product Name : Car repair rags
  • Material : Nano-polyester fiber
  • Suitable : Universal For Most Cars

Note : This product have white repair liquid in the cloth and have small smell, please take care to buy the product if you do not like the smell.


  • 1. Raw materials carefully selected, use polyester fiber material
  • 2. The use of nano special micro-dissolving technology, can break down scratch scratches, paint molecules, activated color difference with polyester fiber cloth, through the friction coefficient of micro-metal powder to achieve the effect of removing marks
  • 3. It is to say goodbye grinding scratch terminator, with scratch repair, strong decontamination, the role of effective polishing
  • 4. regardless of paint color, ease of use
  • 5. Easy to use, easy to carry


  • 1. When using the product, do not touch the water, keep the car dry
  • 2. Use the product within three days (try not to wash the car, wet the water), the longer the use, the better. Groove-type scratches, primer is not recommended to use exposed
  • 3. Exterior glaze, coating, plating crystal paint, not recommended within three months
  • 4. You need to blow dry van brush paint to white, so that the surface without grease, to confirm the use of no color How to use: (Need to use the repaired liquid to soak the cloth ) First, wash the scratch of your car, and then dry them.(Here do not use our product) Secondly, use our product to wipe the scratch of the car.(Here use our procuct) Finally, use other cloths to clean the scratch place.(Here use other cloths, not our product)

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Effectively activating oil micro-molecules, it moves the metal powder of the original paint to match and correct the color differences from scratches and scuffs.

This advanced design eliminates all defects such as scratches, rust, scuffs and stains from the outer layer of your vehicle. The nano-technology gets in deeper then any fabric or brush is capable of bringing all residue and scuff to the surface and wiping it away in an instant. It is so easy to use and extremely quick, you have to try it for yourself to witness the magic!

One Magic Scratch Eraser can be used multiples times, stock up and make sure to always have one on hand. No matter how long the scuff or scratch has been there it does not matter, our Magic Scratch Remover will deep clean those scuffs you've left on your car the past few years! This is the solution you've been looking for.

The perfect solution for fixing ALL vehicle imperfections and blemishes!

  • Quickly and Safely removes all scratches and stains
  • Works on any vehicle of any color!
  • Easy to use! No hard scrubbing required. 
  • Made of Nano-Polyester Fiber
  • 20cm x 10cm x 1cm
  • 0.01kg

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The article arrived very quickly even during this pandemic crisis. I recommend it to you this seller.

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That's great!

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